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Growing up I was always envious of people that made decisions. It seemed like a thing that I would enjoy telling people I did even if I did not.

Fast forward to many years after and I got to sit in the seat of a decision maker as a manager and as a business leader.

I think I sucked at the job for at least a year and got better at understanding my role after being made a leader.

So why should you listen to me about management? I cut my teeth leading an 100 person on-site organization, managing multiple-hundred…


If you are like many smart people, when you see a problem you don’t try to fix it first. You try to understand what caused the problem and fix the root causes. And if you often do that, you probably consider yourself to be more rational than your peers.

In my attempt to always find the right answers, I have read and discovered a bunch of mental frameworks that allow me to analyze a problem faster. With an understanding of these frameworks, I apply the context of the problem across each of the frameworks and find the framework that helps…

In 2012, I started following tech news in the eco-system, just as companies like Konga and IrokoTV raised big cheques. I became very curious about what this was all about, and believed in the hype, just as you probably did.

Fast forward, it is 2017, many of the companies that emerged in 2012 are either dead, or burning through cash and will be dead soon. Only a few are doing well.

If you want to know these companies, visit any African tech blog to see the graveyard of dead companies.

As an outside observer, what you might not realize is…

DISCLAIMER: Just so we are clear, I was not looking for any sugar mummies. I am just very good at search engine optimization (SEO)

A while ago, someone on our SEO team at discovered that in the month of May 2017, 13 persons came into our site from Google after searching “Sugar mummy” and landed on one of these 3 hotels:

So, I did some topical keyword research when I noticed this:

The monthly search volume in Nigeria is located on the far right

Those are the top Sugar mummy related searches in Nigeria. …

Just a fraction of what I sent out

This is not an April fool’s prank or whatsoever, besides that was yesterday.

I am too grown up for that shiit!

Around this time last year, I was looking for a fun project to take on. I did some research and top on my lists were:

1. Learn to code and create a page where people can come write the things to do when you are *bored, *sad, *heartbroken, et al.

2. Learn how to do card tricks really well. I started and stopped.

3. Take a picture of something that made me smile everyday. …

Every Saturday Yemi goes away he gives me N500. I wish he goes away every Saturday.

I’m Ibrahim, and I’m a gateman. I help people repair their shoes for money too. The money is small, but it feeds me. I have a family all the way in Chad, and I send them my gateman salary every month.

I like Nigeria. There’s a lot of money here. People give me money just because I help them do very easy things. I wash their car, cut their grass, put on their generators. …

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Since my daily grind is filled with spinning excel tables, I decided to gift myself with a headache this Christmas: I exported user’s emails and purchase dates so that I could build my cohorts and glean some other useful insights. I soon became stuck on which formula to use, how to write my IF statements, running into cyclical redundancies, and being jammed by arguments that made no sense.

So I am writing this now for everyone else that’s building their cohorts table and getting stuck. …

In most circles, email marketing is highly underestimated as a revenue driver for businesses and even when the potentials are understood, it’s frequently done wrong. So I put together a simple list of tricks you can act on now without spending anything to improve your email marketing strategy.

#TIP 1: The gist about sender names and email address

This is obvious, but very much ignored. I see marketing emails with names such as and when the sender obviously wants a reply.

Getting replies to your emails is actually great for your email marketing practices as it informs the algorithms of the inbox provider that your emails are relevant…

It always sucks when you goof as a marketer. Just ask the folks at Starbucks!

I goofed.

And I felt beat about it.

Many hours — days even, and a lot of hardwork — were put into creating what could have been my best email campaign only for it to be foiled in the last breath by a personalization error :(

So, over the weekend I questioned the meaning of life, and spent the rest time crawling the web for marketers sharing their marketing mistakes, and maybe even find a support group for marketers that have made major blunders.

I didn’t find a support group, but I found plenty blunders some of which are all…

Content is everywhere!

I mean, look around you, it’s scribbled on almost every surface.

Now, for which purposes you create content, and audiences you distribute content to is what takes you from a content publisher to a content marketer.

Being a content writer is quite easy if you are a good writer. Being a content marketer, that’s a different ball game.

For clarity, content goes beyond words on a screen. Content is the whole spectrum of information that is consumed on the internet. Think text, audio, gifs, videos, infographics, podcasts, et al.

Now, content as a whole merely distracts you…

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